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Typequick Professional:Touch Typing Tutor Typequick Professional is Typequick's latest course designed to teach adults keyboard skills in the shortest time. It has retained its many award winning features from its predecessor - Learn to Type.

Over six million people have benefited from this no-nonsense course in 11 countries and 6 languages. Typequick is guaranteed to teach touch typing in the shortest time with the highest success.

You can securely purchase Typequick Professional online today:

What makes Typequick Professional the best typing tutor choice?

Easy to use
Clear interface, with regular feedback and progress reports.
Efficient learning
Learn to touch type in 10 lessons Ė usually in around 10 hours as you learn at your own pace.
Comprehensive learning
Includes 5 additional courses to develop speed, accuracy, punctuation and keyboard skills. Includes extension lessons to reinforce your new touch typing skills.
Includes meaningful text based lessons, regular feedback and reports on your progress.
Used by over four million people in 11 countries and 6 languages.
Typequick guarantees that if within 30 days and upon completion of the full course you have not improved your keyboard skills then we will refund your money!

Frequently Asked Questions about buying Typequick Professional

  • Typequick Professional Course Overview

    Typequick Professional is a comprehensive typing tutor, featuring ten easy and interesting lessons to learn to type. Then extend and consolidate your keyboarding expertise with five additional courses to increase your speed, accuracy, keypad and punctuation typing skills.

    Keyboard Lessons

    This course teaches the correct finger positioning and associated keys of the alphabetic/numeric keyboard in ten stuctured lessons. This is your starting point to touch typing!

    Lessons 1 - 6 teach the letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case. Each one begins by introducing the new keys with finger placement exercises. Illustrations and simulations on your computer screen show you the correct finger usage for each key. Each self-paced lesson builds on the skills learned in the previous lessons and at each step you are encouraged and motivated to continue. The program alternates between speed practise and accuracy lessons to improve your skills in both areas.

    Lessons 7 - 8 teach you how to use the number keys. These are the keys on the top row of the keyboard.

    Lessons 9 - 10 focus on building your speed and accuracy.

    Each lesson has three parts. In parts A and B you learn new keys and combine them with previously learned letters. Part C is a consolidation lesson where all keys learnt so far are combined and presented in sentences and longer paragraphs. You will receive a progress report at the end of each lesson part.

    Speed Challenge You can choose from six lessons designed to increase speed. The emphasis is on speed so don't worry about mistakes, just type as fast as you can.
    Accuracy Challenge Doing this course, you will copy-type text that is designed to keep you interested while having to press the correct key to progress.
    Advanced Challenge You can choose from seven lessons designed to improve accuracy. The emphasis is on accuracy so the correct letter must be typed to advance.
    Punctuation Challenge Teaches the most commonly used punctuation keys.
    Keypad Lessons Teaches the number pad for data entry in three easy lessons.


    Typequick offers several settings to customise your learning experience. Features such as target speed, fonts, colours, audio preferences, whether one or two spaces are used after a full stop or period and the type of keyboard being used. Settings are not available in the trial lesson.


    You will be given a detailed progress report in graph form showing the speed and accuracy achieved for each letter at the end of each lesson part. Youíll see as in the example below, the speed and accuracy achieved for each key.

    Typequick Professional Reporting

    The Speed and Error % for each of the keys are shown as bars in the chart. The Goal Speed and Average Speed are shown as lines. Itís a great way to see which lessons you may need to repeat. Any keys covered in other lessons you have completed are also included in the last results shown.

  • How do I purchase a Typequick product for home use?

    Choose either Typequick Professional or Typequick for Students in the buy section which is found on the right hand side of every page and select the language you want to use in the first dropdown list, then select your Package/Media type in the second dropdown list. Click on "Buy Now" to complete your payment details. After the payment is approved your order will be processed.

  • Testimonials from other Typequick users

    Typequick has trained over 6 millions users to touch-type. This is what some of our customers have to say about learning to type with Typequick.

    "I used to say I could type as fast as I think but, now I can touch-type, I can think faster."

    Law Society Journal

    "A young Cambodian friend has gone from eight wpm to 39 wpm. This has greatly improved her employment prospects on return to Phnom Penh and has also considerably improved her English vocabulary. I believe the skills, speed and accuracy gained from doing this course may well have changed the future direction of Miss Neak's whole life."

    UNICEF, Denmark

    "Touch-typing has enabled me, a Triage Nurse, to collect case histories quicker and more accurately"

    Hornsby Hopsital

    "It's a great course. The skill of touch-typing has liberated me from the fear of writing which afflicts every dyslexic."


    "In a short two-month period, I achieved a remarkable 54 wpm with 98%, touch-typing for the first time after failing many times with other touch-typing programs."

    Sam Lambropoulos, South Melbourne

    "I didn't think it would be so easy to learn to touch-type. I wish I had discovered Typequick before the age of 48!"

    Beauty Point, NSW

    "Both my mother, who is 69, and I have completed the course. She had never used a typewriter before, but now, she uses the PC to write to all her friends."


    "I enjoyed the Typequick course and feel proud as I sit here typing away at 49 wpm on my computer, but most of all, I feel a great boost to my confidence and ability."

  • Typequick Professional Minimum System Requirements

    The minimum system requirements are:

    Typequick Professional Online

    Internet broadband connection with minimum speed of 512 Kbs

    Adobe Flash Player 10 or higer, and

    Javascript must be enabled

    Typequick Professional on CD or USB


    750MHz, 512MB RAM,

    640x480 display at 16-bit color,

    Video card - any,

    Sound card - any,

    Hard disk - 460MB,

    CD Drive required during installation for CD package

    Operating System:

    Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 / OS X v10.3 or higher, Other: Linux (Intel PC)

  • What is the Typequick Guarantee?

    We are so confident that you can learn to type faster and more accurately using Typequick, we offer a money back guarantee.

    As per our Returns Policy, if within 30 days of purchase, and after completing all Typequick lessons, you have not improved your keyboard skills then simply return the Typequick materials, a printed proficiency statement, your purchase receipt and the reasons for your dissatisfaction to Typequick for a full refund.

  • Multi-user licenses for Typequick software

    Typequick offers many different licencing options for organisations wishing to train multiple users.

    Our training and testing products can be installed on networks, browsers, stand-alone machines and notebooks. We have products licenced for one user through to thousands of users. Typequick Academic Licences are available for schools, colleges, universities, community colleges and Not for Profit organisations. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will help find an economical solution for your organisation.