Typequick Products

Typequick Learn to Type programs are self paced, interactive and effective. Each course has been designed by top educators, psychologists and software developers to make learning fast, easy and enjoyable.

We are so confident that you will learn to type faster and more accurately using Typequick, that we offer an unconditional money back guarantee: if your typing skills have not significantly improved within thirty days, Typequick will gladly refund your money. If you are like most Typequick students, though, you will probably experience remarkable progress in a matter of hours.

Typequick Professional

Typequick Professional:Touch Typing Tutor Typequick Professional is Typequick's latest course designed to teach adults keyboard skills in the shortest time. It has retained its many award winning features from its predecessor - Learn to Type.

Over six million people have benefited from this no-nonsense course in 11 countries and 6 languages. Typequick is guaranteed to teach touch typing in the shortest time with the highest success. Read more about Typequick Professional.

Typequick for Students


Typequick for Students tells a story of Kewala in a compelling and interesting environment in which the user can easily lose themselves for the ten hours it takes to learn to touch type.Typequick for Students: Learn to type adventure

Typequick for Students is a truly interactive animated adventure containing rich artwork and animation with over 2,500 pictures and 64 full screen background scenes all in 256 colours. There are 900 WAV files that add great entertainment to the whole experience. Unlike other typing tutors which have a few cliched games bolted on to boring exercises, Kewala's adventure is fully incorporated into the Typequick course. This fascinates students who keep coming back and dramatically increases the course completion rate. Read more about Typequick for Students.

Typequick Skill Evaluator

Typequick Skill EvaluatorTypequick Skill Evaluator is a quick, efficient and convenient method of benchmarking keyboard skills before and after training and is a time-saving tool for all those involved in assessing and hiring staff or training students. It is fully automated and designed to monitor every keystroke for a set duration and accurately mark and score the test. Tests score both speed and accuracy. Detailed evaluation information is then printed providing a valuable record of the tested keyboard skills.

The test criteria can be varied in many ways to suit particular test requirements and access to these administrative functions can be password protected. Skill Evaluator is the only testing software that meets the Australian Standard AS2708-2001 for marking and used in the Accredited Unit BSBITU307 - Develop Keyboarding Skills and Accuracy. Read more about Typequick Skill Evaluator.