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Imagine being able to type at the speed of thought without having to search for keys. That's what you can expect to accomplish when you learn to type with Typequick. Since 1982, over 6 million people have learned to type using multi-award winning Typequick Learn to Type software programs. In Australia alone, over 3,000 schools and 2,000 businesses have used Typequick in order to teach the vital keyboard skills needed in today's digital world.

Companies who have encouraged employees to learn to type have seen productivity increase by an astounding 40%. Students who learn to type can expect to perform better on homework assignments and enjoy more leisure time than those who rely on self-taught "hunt and peck" typing techniques. With nearly 3 decades of experience, Typequick is the proven way to learn to type.

Typequick Professional

Typequick for Students

Anyone Can Learn to Type Using Typequick

Typequick Learn to Type programs are tailor-made to teach anyone how to touch type. Our core products include Typequick for Students (Kewala) and Typequick Professional. Each course has been designed by top educators, psychologists and software developers to make learning fast, easy and enjoyable. Using Typequick for Students, younger users learn to type with the aid of interactive, richly animated cartoons, making learning to type a challenge they look forward to. Typequick Professional offers six different courses designed for all proficiency levels, from absolute beginners to professionals.

We are so confident that you will learn to type faster and more accurately using Typequick, we offer a money back guarantee: if your typing skills have not significantly improved within thirty days, Typequick will gladly refund your money. If you are like most Typequick students, though, you will probably see remarkable progress in a matter of hours.

Occupational Therapist highly recommends Typequick for Students

“Learning to touch type is an important skill for children to master in the early years of primary school to help them fulfill their role as a student. From an occupational therapy perspective, Typequick For Students provides students with opportunities to improve their finger isolation, proprioceptive feedback from their muscles, bilateral co-ordination and self-monitoring skills. These are foundational areas which primary school students should master and feel confident in. Kewala, the character in Typequick for Students, is incredibly engaging and has an interactive map for students to easily monitor their progress. I would highly recommend Typequick for Students if you are looking for a fun, engaging and accessible typing program for all primary aged school students!”

Frances Brummer – Occupational Therapist at OT4U

Study Skills Expert recommends Typing

“I believe that touch typing is an essential skill for today’s students. Not only does it save students time, but many of our external examinations are moving to an online model. I would highly recommend that all students learn to touch type preferably before they start high school, or at least by the time they reach Year 10.”
Dr Prue Salter, Director and Study Skills Expert – Enhanced Learning Educational Services



With NAPLAN going online, now more than ever, students will need to reach a level of competence in keyboarding and will need to master touch typing.

Teach them to touch type in 10 easy lessons with Typequick the fastest keyboard trainer with the highest success.

School solutions are available for networks, stand alone computers and Online.

Call us today on +612 8467 9777 or email sales@typequick.com.au to tailor a licence to suit your school's needs.