Academic Licences

Typequick is the industry leader in educational courseware with its expert remediation, powerful motivation and sophisticated teaching techniques. Typequick is a complete, proven and structured teaching system that will provide your students with the keyboarding skills essential to a successful academic career.

Typequick is an education solution, not just a software program. Typequick is a complete teaching system designed to give a teacher or trainer everything they need to achieve results in the classroom. From individual training kits to school-wide networked solutions, Typequick offers a complete education system including software, learning resources, services and free local support, school newsletters and an annual trophy.

Online Subscriptions

Typequick is now available as an online course via the Internet allowing educational institutions to use the software without any installation at all. Students just need to be able to access the Typequick courseware site and use a logon provided by the teacher. Teachers use the same website for administration, creating student logins (an import mechanism is available for batches of students), looking at class results, etc. Students can also use the courseware with their logins at home or anywhere they have access to an Internet capable computer.

Concurrent User Licence for LAN or WAN

Typequick's concurrent licensing solutions are designed to offer multiple students access to the program. In-built reporting and assessment tools enable an accurate snapshot of the student's progress at any time. Powerful administration and reporting tools for teachers and administrators store and provide information on students using the courseware, which lessons they have accessed, their level of speed and accuracy per lesson and date it was last completed.

Every student that can access the fileserver where Typequick is installed can use the Typequick course. This licence limits the number of concurrent users (the number of students using the course at any one time).

Example: Sample State High school installed a 10 concurrent user network licence on their school network. This means a group of 10 students can use the course at 10am and another group of 10 students can use the course at 11am. The software will store data for any number of students.

A 10 concurrent user network licence is our basic School Network licence. You are able to add to the number of concurrent users.

Stand-alone computers

A Typequick licence is installed on multiple stand-alone computers. The student must login to the same computer each time to continue their training as their records are stored on the computer.

Educational Training Kits

This is the ideal solution for schools with laptop programs, for students to use at home, or for those who do not wish to install Typequick on their network. Each Kit can be installed on one machine to train one person.

Each Individual Training Kit contains a CD or USB, hints to help students successfully complete Typequick as well as some helpful educational resource material.

Existing academic licence holders may choose to upgrade to Typequick's latest Version 14 multi-platform products, Typequick Professional and Typequick for Students.

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