When I start the Typequick program I get a message asking for a licence key?


There is a timing issue on some computers that will result in the Typequick USB drive program prompting for the entry of a licence key. A licence key is not required for the USB drive version.

To resolve this timing issue, follow the instructions below:


1. Download the file TQServerConnection.jar from the link Download Update to your computer.

2. Insert the Typequick USB Drive into the USB port on your computer.

3. On your computer, navigate to the content of the Typequick USB drive. The files and folders in the USB drive is hidden. You will need to set the option on your computer to show hidden files and folder. Use the links below to guide you through the process:

Show hidden file in Windows XP

Show hidden file in Windows Vista

Show hidden file in MAC OSX

4. After enabling hidden files and folder. The JARS folder will now display in the USB Drive. Copy the file TQServerConnection.jar into the JARS folder.

5. Safely remove the USB Drive from the computer.

6. Insert the Typequick USB drive into the computer and start the Typequick program.