Additional Licence Keys

  • Licence Keys are used to run TYPEQUICK Vs 14 courses. If a licence key is not entered when prompted, the course will run in Evaluation mode. This allows any user to view the Introductory lessons and Lesson 1a.

A licence key can be used to:

  • activate a course after evaluation
  • activate a newly installed course
  • add additional users to a course
  • use the course on a different machine
  • use a different course

Activate Licence Keys

Each Typequick licence key must be activated before the full product can be used. The program will prompt you if this is required. It is a simple process and can be done via the Typequick program. For detailed instructions click on appropriate option below.

Activating your licence key automatically using Internet access

Activating your licence key manually by contacting Typequick Head Office during office hours

Purchasing Additional Licences

If you have an existing Typequick licence you can purchase additional licences and add them to the database without additional software. Contact Typequick to purchase additional licence keys. Quote your original Typequick licence key if you have one.

Review our instructions on how to add additional licences.