Typing Games: Kids Learn to Type Lessons

Typequick: Typing Games with KewalaKids learn to type lessons make learning fun. Also known as Kewala's Amazing Keyboard Adventure, Typequick for Students is a combination of clever commentary, thousands of animations, 20 delightful characters and an array of sounds that make these kids learn to type lessons a series of totally absorbing typing games rather than unwelcome "lessons."

Designed for ages 6 to adult, Typequick for Students is used in primary schools and junior high schools up to year 10 and is also used in TAFEs and private and community colleges where English is taught as a second language. In Australia, over 4,000 Australian educational institutions use these kids learn to type lessons and in Japan, Kewala's typing games annually teach over 250,000 students how to touch-type. Kewala's typing games have also received a warm welcome from students in New Zealand, the UK, Mexico, South Africa and the United States.Typequick for Students: Kewala's Adventure Map

What Are Kewala's Typing Games?

Students join Kewala (Key-wah-lah), a delightful cartoon character, on his mission to travel around Australia and find all the magic keystones he needs to reach the Kingdom of Eaz. As they travel together, students become immersed in ten richly illustrated environments coupled with authentic soundtracks from the Australian outback. Kewala's witty commentary and the many different animals he rides make each of the 10 kids learn to type lessons a unique adventure.

Why Are Kids Learn to Type Lessons Needed?

We live in a computer age when even young children need to learn keyboarding skills in order to effectively complete homework assignments, study and communicate with their peers. The earlier children learn to touch type, the more advantages they have later in life.Typequick for Students: Learn to Type Games

Typing Games Make Learning Fun!

By the time the Typequick kids learn to type lessons are finished, students have learned to touch-type with all 10 fingers without feeling they have been learning at all. Throughout the self-paced typing games, students are motivated to progress in the same way they are motivated to progress through the stages of a video game. Even better, these interactive typing games are personalised: customised lessons identify individual strengths and weaknesses and provide extra help when necessary.

We make typing fun! Typequick for Students is backed by a Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it with complete confidence.

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