Typequick for Students Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

Typequick for Students Online

• Internet broadband connection with minimum speed of 512 Kbs

• Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher, and

• Javascript must be enabled

Typequick for Students on CD or USB


• 750MHz, 512MB RAM,

• 640x480 display at 16-bit color,

• Video card - any,

• Sound card - any,

• Hard disk - 460MB,

• CD Drive required during installation for CD package

Operating System:

• Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 / OS X v10.3 or higher, Other: Linux (Intel PC)

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Skill Evaluator marks according to the Australian Standard AS2708-2001
01 January 2015
As a natural follow on from our keyboard training course we have developed a program that helps many organisations with the testing of keyboard skills. The SKILL EVALUATOR is a unique program designed to enable the online testing of keyboard speed and accuracy. It monitors every keystroke, stops the test after the desired duration (you can choose anything from 2 - 10 minutes) and then accurately...

Client Testimonials

"In professional vocational training, the emphasis is on equipping students with those skills that are most highly valued in the 'world of work'. To this end, it is vital that good keyboarding skills are developed." Macleay College

"The teachers are very positive about Typequick and all want their own copy." Pymble Ladies College, Sydney

"Teaching students with specific learning difficulties to touch type has a huge impact on their positive self image and willingness to learn. Students don't have to be group controlled with Typequick." Scotch College, Adelaide