Pennant Hills Public School - Year 6 student achieves 103

words per minute with Typequick

Amin’s Journey
At the beginning of Year 3, I didn’t really like Typequick, but then I saw that I was really behind in the lessons and that everyone was in front of me. Of course, I didn’t like to be behind, so after that I went to the computer lab every day to practise my typing. Then, in Years 4 and 5, I had competition. Other people also wanted to go in and type and soon I had about five other people trying to win the trophy just like me. However, of course, none of us was able to win the trophy at that time. That was when I had my eyes set on that trophy. I set it as my goal throughout Year 6 and about twice a week I’d go in and type. Soon I had seen the big improvement that I had made – 54 WPM! I had reached a speed of 103 WPM. I was very proud of myself.