Testimonials from other Typequick users

Typequick has trained over 6 millions users to touch-type. This is what some of our customers have to say about learning to type with Typequick.

"I used to say I could type as fast as I think but, now I can touch-type, I can think faster."

Law Society Journal

"A young Cambodian friend has gone from eight wpm to 39 wpm. This has greatly improved her employment prospects on return to Phnom Penh and has also considerably improved her English vocabulary. I believe the skills, speed and accuracy gained from doing this course may well have changed the future direction of Miss Neak's whole life."

UNICEF, Denmark

"Touch-typing has enabled me, a Triage Nurse, to collect case histories quicker and more accurately"

Hornsby Hopsital

"It's a great course. The skill of touch-typing has liberated me from the fear of writing which afflicts every dyslexic."


"In a short two-month period, I achieved a remarkable 54 wpm with 98%, touch-typing for the first time after failing many times with other touch-typing programs."

Sam Lambropoulos, South Melbourne

"I didn't think it would be so easy to learn to touch-type. I wish I had discovered Typequick before the age of 48!"

Beauty Point, NSW

"Both my mother, who is 69, and I have completed the course. She had never used a typewriter before, but now, she uses the PC to write to all her friends."


"I enjoyed the Typequick course and feel proud as I sit here typing away at 49 wpm on my computer, but most of all, I feel a great boost to my confidence and ability."

WEA course Computers Made Easy for the over 60s

"After learning to touch-type, computer users learned other software applications in at least 40% less time."

Newman College, Japan

"Typequick for Students or Kewala's Amazing Keyboard Adventure, is in a class of its own when it comes to typing software for young people. No drills dressed up as shoot-'em-up games here. Instead youngsters get to play a complete, highly entertaining adventure game and, along the way, end up competent typists. Typequick for Students is irresistible."

Rose Vines, ICON, Sydney Morning Herald

"I am pleased to support Typequick's application for a well-deserved ANTA Australian Training Award, considering the increase in typing productivity your product has helped achieve among staff and students in Flinders University, and the University of South Australia. The software is easy to use and conforms to good educational practices."

The Flinders University of South Australia

"Type training classes existed at universities and colleges before—they were half-year courses and students were typing letters endlessly. I include a touch-typing lesson at the first class of each course. I use only 30 minutes for this lesson and I leave it to each student's self education. The reason I teach typing so easily is that I use Typequick type training software. Typequick has been especially popular in the education market and more than 300 universities are currently using this software."

Tsukuba University, Japan

"Typequick is our best investment ever."

Anne Numan, Morayfield State High School, QLD

"Our school purchased a (Typequick) licence last year, the kids love using the program. It's really successful at helping them improve their typing."

Marg Hayes, Principal, Tawonga Primary School, VIC

"Children are typing effortlessly in project work, publishing and all manner of activities. Typing is obviously a core skill for our children in the new millennium. It is especially gratifying that Typequick, which has been instrumental in giving the children this valuable life skill, is an Australian product!"

Peter McCallum, Bronte Public School, NSW

"Well I can say with complete confidence that Typequick is the way to go. It has taken me three years in all, evaluating different products. Typequick is the best product to get students fully absorbed and looking forward to actually improving their typing skills."

Ocean View College, SA

"Typequick was recognised as an exceptional learning tool and promoted to all students as a means of increasing their competency in keyboarding and enhancing their employability. Typequick continues to provide user-friendly, flexible delivery, competency-based training which caters for a wide range of learning styles."


"Typequick has been used in colleges since 1984. Over the years, tens of thousands of students have benefited by using the program to acquire keyboard skills."

NSW TAFE Commission

"With computers being used in all types of work environments, it is essential that everyone now develops keyboarding skills. Typequick is a painless way of learning and a fun way!"

Northern Melbourne Institue of TAFE

"In professional vocational training, the emphasis is on equipping students with those skills that are most highly valued in the 'world of work'. To this end, it is vital that good keyboarding skills are developed."

Macleay College

"The teachers are very positive about Typequick and all want their own copy."

Pymble Ladies College, Sydney

"Teaching students with specific learning difficulties to touch-type has a huge impact on their positive self image and willingness to learn. Students don't have to be group controlled with Typequick."

Scotch College, Adelaide

"A fast and efficient response to our clients' needs is essential. We have a minimum company standard of 30wpm and 95% accuracy for our professionals. Typequick is quick and convenient and our staff do not require supervision."

ACCESS 24 Call Centre

"I have used Typequick it to train more than 2,000 public servants in the Dept of Administrative Services as part of multi-skilling projects."

Ron Lawrence, Computer Training Consultant

"We at Sydney Water have used Typequick extensively and have made significant gains in productivity. I would like to congratulate your company on a splendid product."

Sydney Water

"The Typequick course is the most effective way of teaching people keyboard skills. We have been inundated with positive feedback from our clients as to the ease of using Typequick and have been delighted with the exceptional results our clients have been able to achieve using the Typequick package."

Gloucester Community Training Inc.

"We have used Typequick for 10 years. Being able to type increases the efficiency of our professional staff. Our support staff are...more productive and efficient."

Freehill Hollingdale and Page - Lawyers

"...individuals enhance skills that increase personal productivity. 250 have reached typing speeds of 45 wpm and 97% accuracy."

Baulderstone Hornibrook - Engineers

"The use of computers has revolutionised the way legal offices work and learning to type has been an essential part of that process."


"The Ambulance Service of NSW employs Typequick to enhance the productivity of emergency call takers, achieve higher levels of customer service and responsiveness and reduce ambulance response times."

Ambulance Service of NSW

"Typequick has been used for seven years to assist 800 unemployed clients upgrade their typing skills and get a job. Typequick has been the beginning of a career."

Wesley Mission, NSW