About Typequick

Typequick Pty Ltd develops, publishes, distributes and supports computer courseware designed to improve personal productivity.About Typequick

Typequick Pty Limited was established in 1982 and is a specialist organisation devoted to the development and marketing of the most effective touch-typing teaching systems available. Typequick's mission 'Teaching the World to Type', expresses its commitment to helping people worldwide to use their computers more productively.

Typequick publicly promotes the need for touch typing as many people are unaware of how easy it is to learn or the real benefits of ten-finger touch typing. Typequick forms partnerships with their clients and provides free assistance and advice to help them achieve the best possible results in their organisation.

Typequick has specialised in developing keyboard training and testing software for more than 29 years. Over this period Typequick programs have trained more than 6 million people worldwide. Typequick has a major market share in Australia where it has been purchased by more than 3,000 schools and 2,000 corporations. In Japan over 1,000 universities and high schools use the program where it dominates the education market with more than 250,000 Japanese students trained annually.

Typequick - Teaching the World to Type
Effective Methodology
The Typequick brand has achieved international acclaim and recognition for its technical innovation and effective learning methodology.
World Leader
Over 6 million people worldwide have been trained using Typequick.
Award winning
Previous winners of Codie, SOFTIC and PC User magazine "Best Buy" awards.
Multi-format software
Effective, high quality courseware, software, packaging and associated materials available.
Multi-lingual courseware
Courseware available in 5 languages - Australian/British English, US English, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin.
Home, Education & Business
Typequick provides software suitable for home users and individuals, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, government and private corporations.
Guaranteed success
Typequick guarantees that if within 30 days and upon completion of the full course students have not improved their keyboard skills they may receive a full refund. We have many clients who have failed with another typing tutor and switched to Typequick and have had great success. Our courses are so easy that many people learn to touch type in 2 days in just 10 hours.

Typequick - an International Business

Typequick distributors have been appointed in Japan, UK, USA, Central America and South Africa. In the USA and UK Typequick has been re-badged with considerable impact. Support from the British Computer Society has seen markets in Europe and South Asia open up. Typequick programs have been translated into Japanese, Spanish and most recently Mandarin.

The software development team has earned international recognition. The courseware has won top awards in the USA, Japan and Australia. The proven Java-based software runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix based systems across networks (WAN, LAN/Intranet) and stand-alone PCs. The Japanese version was the first Australian product with Kanji capabilities to be designed and built entirely in Australia.

International clients of Typequick include:

  • Bahrain Polytechnic
  • British Computer Society
  • Pitmans Training Centres
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • AON Risk Management
  • National Health Service (NHS) UK

Typequick's core product Typequick Professional (based on its predecessor Learn to Type) and the animated multimedia version Typequick for Students featuring Kewala can be tailored to the specific training needs of schools, colleges, universities, corporations, home and small offices.

Typequick's support product, Typequick Skill Evaluator can be used in conjunction with Typequick's training products to assess and report on students' skills according to recognised standards.

Typequick is also used by over 3,000 Australian educational institutions and 1,000 Japanese high schools and universities. It has been selected by teachers looking for more than cheap and nasty software and who understand the merits of a good, dependable teaching system backed by keyboard training experts.

The course has been developed over 29 years by a team of experts. The company has continuously invested in research and development to maintain Typequick's leading position. Typequick constantly researches better teaching methods, improved remediation and effective motivation techniques and regularly updates their courseware. We utilise the advice of psychologists and educators knowledgeable in keyboard training and incorporate feedback from international experts and Typequick users.

Typequick courseware is available in various languages for various platforms including online, Windows, Apple Mac and Linux on intranets, notebooks, networks and stand-alone machines.