Skill Evaluator marks according to the Australian Standard AS2708-2001 and used in the Accredited Unit BSBITU307

As a natural follow on from our keyboard training course we have developed a program that helps many organisations with the testing of keyboard skills.

The SKILL EVALUATOR is a unique program designed to enable the online testing of keyboard speed and accuracy. It monitors every keystroke, stops the test after the desired duration (you can choose anything from 2 - 10 minutes) and then accurately scores the input and prints a detailed evaluation certificate. The report is an interesting "finger print" of the tested keyboard skills. The Skill Evaluator relieves the tedious task of setting up and marking a typing test.

A range of tests are provided allowing administrators to choose a "warm up" test before applicants go onto the actual speed and accuracy test. Test conditions and test texts may be varied in many ways to suit your requirements.

The scoring system has been designed according to the Australian typing speed test standards and is described fully in the manual. The marking may be manually checked. Please note: the marking system will not operate successfully if the applicant makes a total mess of the input; they must be within 90% accuracy.

Typequick is pleased to announce the release of Skill Evaluator Online. Skill Evaluator is a highly rated Typequick program that tests typing speed and accuracy according to Australian Standard AS2708-2001, the only software to do so. Skill Evaluator is used in the Accredited Unit BSBITU307 - Develop Keyboarding Skills and Accuracy.

Many clients who implemented the recently released Typequick Online programs requestedan online testing program and so a new version of Skill Evaluator was designed to meet all the requirements business and education and migrated to the Cloud.

Peter Herman Technical Director of Typequick says that the Cloud implementation is a significant enhancement in functionality from the previous versions providing greater flexibility in determining the improvement in users' keyboarding skills.

Skill Evaluator is used by business and educational institutions to benchmark users before and after training and is most effectively used in conjunction with either Typequick Professional or Typequick for Students.

A unique feature of Skill Evaluator is the Practice Tests which allow students to informally test themselves as they progress through training and to prepare for the final test used for KPI business goals or achievement of an academic standard.

Peter is sure that users will be delighted with the new version. New features include: more and varied content, the ability to create customized tests, and a more powerful Administrator module to more effectively manage classes and departments with more detailed results being available to clients.

The final test in Skill Evaluator Online can also be certified and generates a certificate with the name of the applicant, time of test and speed and accuracy attained.

Cloud delivery of Skill Evaluator makes it a truly global anywhere anytime testing program.

Contact us for more information about Skill Evaluator Online.


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