Typequick for Students


Typequick for Students tells a story of Kewala in a compelling and interesting environment in which the user can easily lose themselves for the ten hours it takes to learn to touch type.Typequick Kewala Adventure Map

Typequick for Students is a truly interactive animated adventure containing rich artwork and animation with over 2,500 pictures and 64 full screen background scenes all in 256 colours. There are 900 WAV files that add great entertainment to the whole experience. Unlike other typing tutors which have a few cliched games bolted on to boring exercises, Kewala's adventure is fully incorporated into the Typequick course. This fascinates students who keep coming back and dramatically increases the course completion rate.

What makes Typequick for Students the best typing tutor choice?

Easy to use
Clear interface, with regular feedback and progress reports.
Interactive Animations
Interesting and compelling environment to engage students on an adventure with Kewala as they learn to type.
Efficient learning
Learn to touch type in 10 lessons – usually in around 10 hours as you learn at your own pace.
Comprehensive learning
Includes 5 additional courses to develop speed, accuracy, punctuation and keyboard skills. Includes extension lessons to reinforce your new touch typing skills.
Includes meaningful text based lessons, regular feedback and reports on your progress.
Used by over four million people in 11 countries and 6 languages.
Typequick guarantees that if within 30 days and upon completion of the full course you have not improved your keyboard skills then we will refund your money!

Find out more about Kewala's amazing keyboard adventure and why learning to type with Typequick for Students is so much fun!

Learn to type with Kewala

  • Typequick for Students Course Overview

    Typequick for Students is a comprehensive typing tutor, starting with ten easy and interesting lessons to learn to type. Then extend and consolidate your keyboarding expertise with five additional courses to increase your speed, accuracy, keypad and punctuation typing skills.

    Find the Keys The first part of the Adventure where you will master the keys. You will be typing quickly and properly by the time you reach the Kingdom of Eaz. This course teaches correct finger positioning and associated keys of the alpha/numeric keyboard in ten structured lessons. This is the default course and is the recommended starting point.
    Royal Challenge This course will build your speed and accuracy. Wise Fella will give you challenges which will take Kewala into the wild to catch the ten finger speed master. This is only for you if you have found the Kingdom of Eaz or you can already type without looking at the keyboard. The lesson parts in Royal Challenge alternate between improving your speed and improving your accuracy. The speed challenges are designed to help you reach your touch typing/keyboarding goal and will not stop you if you make a mistake. The accuracy challenges are designed to improve your accuracy and make you press the correct key to continue with the challenge.
    Royal Challenge 2 The course is similar to the Royal Challenge except the text is more formal.
    Punctuation Course Teaches the most commonly used punctuation keys.
    Keypad Lessons Teaches the number pad for data entry in three easy lessons.
    The Planets A series of quite long lessons providing practice in speed and accuracy. The text and images used cover a range of interesting information on the planets and moons in our solar system.
    Australian Animals A series of shorter lessons providing accuracy revision. The text and images describe popular and exotic Australian animals.
    Metals A series of shorter lessons providing accuracy revision. The text and images are related to five different commonly found metals.
    The Senses A series of shorter lessons providing accuracy revision. The text and images describe certain characteristics of the five primary senses of human beings.
    Mouse Course An introduction to the computer mouse. The course teaches all the basic functions of the mouse. and terminology associated with it.

    Each lesson is made up of three parts. Parts A and B teach new letters and combine them with the home keys and previously learnt letters. Part C is a consolidation lesson where all letters learnt so far are combined and presented in sentences and sometimes in longer paragraphs. These exercises are designed to build your skill level and confidence.


    Typequick offers several settings to customise your learning experience. Features such as target speed, fonts, colours, audio preferences, whether one or two spaces are used after a full stop or period and the type of keyboard being used. 


    Typequick provides a detailed progress report in graph form showing the speed and accuracy achieved for each letter at the end of each lesson part. You’ll see as in the example below, the speed and accuracy achieved for each key.

    Typequick for Students Reports

    The Speed and Error % for each of the keys are shown as bars in the chart. The Goal Speed and Average Speed are shown as lines. It’s a great way to see with which lessons you may need to repeat. Any keys covered in other lessons you have completed are also included in the last results shown.

  • How do I purchase a Typequick product for home use?

    Choose either Typequick Professional or Typequick for Students in the buy section which is found on the right hand side of every page and select the language you want to use in the first dropdown list, then select your Package/Media type in the second dropdown list. Click on "Buy Now" to complete your payment details. After the payment is approved your order will be processed.

  • Typequick for Students Minimum System Requirements

    Typequick for Students Online

    • Internet broadband connection with minimum speed of 512 Kbs

    • Recommended Web browser - Google Chrome

    • Javascript must be enabled, and

    • Sound card - any

    Typequick for Students on CD or USB


    • 750MHz, 512MB RAM,
    • 640x480 display at 16-bit colour,
    • Video card - any,
    • Sound card - any,
    • Hard disk - 460MB,
    • CD Drive required during installation for CD package

    Operating System:

    • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • What is the Typequick Guarantee?

    We are so confident that you can learn to type faster and more accurately using Typequick, we offer a money back guarantee.

    As per our Returns Policy, if within 30 days of purchase, and after completing all Typequick lessons, you have not improved your keyboard skills then simply return the Typequick materials, a printed proficiency statement, your purchase receipt and the reasons for your dissatisfaction to Typequick for a full refund.

  • Multi-user licences for Typequick software

    Typequick offers many different licencing options for organisations wishing to train multiple users.

    Our training and testing products can be installed on networks, browsers, stand-alone machines and notebooks. We have products licenced for one user through to thousands of users. Typequick Academic Licences are available for schools, colleges, universities, community colleges and Not for Profit organisations. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will help find an economical solution for your organisation.