Typequick Skill Evaluator

Typequick Skill EvaluatorTypequick Skill Evaluator is a quick, efficient and convenient method of benchmarking keyboard skills before and after training and is a time-saving tool for all those involved in assessing and hiring staff or training students. It is fully automated and designed to monitor every keystroke for a set duration and accurately mark and score the test. Tests score both speed and accuracy. Detailed evaluation information is then printed providing a valuable record of the tested keyboard skills.

The test criteria can be varied in many ways to suit particular test requirements and access to these administrative functions can be password protected. Skill Evaluator is the only testing software that meets the Australian Standard AS2708-2001 for marking and used in the Accredited Unit BSBITU307 - Develop Keyboarding Skills and Accuracy.

Skill Evaluator has two modes, Basic and Younger, and each mode has twelve different test texts to choose from. You can also customise the tests by adding your own text material or test examinees with hard-copy test text.

The Typequick free online typing test uses the underlying technology for the Skill Evaluator product so doing a free test will show you the interface and results. The period for the free test is set to two minutes rather than the recommended five minutes used when getting an accurate assessment.

Recommended Levels of Keyboard Speed and Accuracy
Hours of Computer use per Week
Words per Minute
Accuracy %
Basic 10 35 98
Intermediate 10-20 35-50 98
Advanced 20-40 50- 80 98

Skill Evaluator is available to educational institutions and businesses interested in getting quantitative data on skills and training effectiveness. Contact us to find out how Skill Evaluator can help your organisation effectively test touch typing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing Skill Evaluator

  • Multi-user licences for Typequick software

    Typequick offers many different licencing options for organisations wishing to train multiple users.

    Our training and testing products can be installed on networks, browsers, stand-alone machines and notebooks. We have products licenced for one user through to thousands of users. Typequick Academic Licences are available for schools, colleges, universities, community colleges and Not for Profit organisations. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will help find an economical solution for your organisation.